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Indulge in the ultimate state of bliss with our Facial Experience Treatment. Unwind to relaxing music warm steam, exfoliation, facial masks, hydrating masks, calming oils, warm towels, and skin toning cream... Need a Peel? We can help with that. Our product line Covers you from acne to Rosacea. No worries, no stress —just your skin looking its Best.

Foot Reflexology

Custom Massage

Experience a massage tailored specifically to your needs with our Customized Massage. This personalized treatment focuses on relieving severe tension and targeting deep layers of muscles and connective tissue. Our massage therapists use a variety of techniques, including hot towels, cupping, and light stretching, to enhance the healing process and improve your range of motion. It's the perfect choice for addressing specific concerns and promoting overall muscle recovery.

Morning Dew

Awaken your senses with our Morning Dew Experience. This revitalizing massage combines the soothing power of hot stones, comforting hot compresses, aromatic essential oils, and a luxurious eye mask to reduce puffiness and minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

The hot stones induce deep relaxation, alleviating tension and promoting a sense of calm. They also improve circulation, enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients while eliminating toxins. Alongside the hot stones, the comforting hot compresses provide additional relief and relaxation. Meanwhile, aromatic essential oils envelop you in fragrant bliss, enhancing the therapeutic effects of the massage. Sink into this immersive experience and awaken your senses to a state of pure relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage
Cupping therapy

The Warrior

Designed specifically for active individuals such as bikers, athletes, and hikers, our Warrior Experience is a deep tissue sports massage that targets the lower body. Our skilled therapists focus on relieving muscle tension, providing deep stretches, and using vacuum cupping techniques to alleviate soreness and improve mobility.


This ancient technique promotes blood circulation, accelerating healing, reducing muscle soreness, and improving flexibility. The cups provide deep tissue massage, releasing tension and enhancing range of motion. Vacuum cupping also aids in lymphatic drainage, reducing swelling and promoting smoother skin. Expect a session that delivers the perfect combination of therapeutic pressure and rejuvenation for your active lifestyle.

Aromatherapy Massage




Enrich your massage experience with the power of aromatherapy. Our carefully selected essential oils will surround you with soothing scents, promoting relaxation, and enhancing the therapeutic benefits of your massage.

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